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Think Africa family tours; think the wildlife, birds, open savannah, native tribes, luxury safari camps and the fun of being with family.

Planning an African family tour is a huge responsibility because Africa, despite the tons of travel info on the internet, is still an out-of-comfort-travel-zone to many families.

Welcome to the family vacations forum where you can post your questions on which are best safari itineraries, camps to use, what to wear and when is the bets time to travel to Africa.

Go on, ask us how to plan children centered safaris while not forgetting the interests of the accompanying adults.

Ontdek Kenya safaris have 20 years experience in family vacations in Kenya and the best part is, we are specialist in walking safaris – so we know how to keep the whole family happy on their feet and with flexible activity to suit all members.

We hope to give you objective answers that will add value to your family’s vacation in Africa.

On this page you will also find questions that parents / guardians, family members have asked concerning traveling with children to Africa and our corresponding answer to each query.

Your comment on either of them is always welcome.

We are ready to help. Just type in your question on the form below and soon, see our answer on the family vacations forum pages.

Other FAQs about African Wildlife Safaris

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