We are looking for an African safari package for elderly travelers. Should we take a group tour with other elderly travelers or is a private safari more suitable?


African safari packages for elderly or senior travelers should take into account the individual interest of the travelers, a fact that is often not determined by age alone. There is no good reason for an elderly but active traveler to take a passive holiday just because he is going to Africa.

Consider your interest such as walking, bird watching or photography and approach your travel African safaris planner with a candid wish-list of what you want included in your safari. She/he should tailor it for you, either in a group of like-minded elderly travelers or as private safari.

Another important factor in safaris for the elderly is enough resting time. So make sure that your itinerary is not packed with too many destinations, leaving little time for switching-off to rest and also to enjoy the various safari camps and lodges that you will be staying in.

A note on safari camps, though the choice depends on your safari budget you will get more value from your safari if you can stay in tented camps away from mass tourism.

Finally should you take a group tour or private safari? A group tour for the elderly as long as they have the same interest gives you a chance to socially mix with other travelers, which is a positive thing. Make sure you know the age profile of the potential group, as you certainly want to feel you fit with the other travelers.

For the private tour - this is a personal choice and if your budget allows a private safari by all means go for it.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris