Our walking safari itinerary has about 5 hrs of hiking daily - which is too long a time to stay without using toilets. The itinerary is in areas with game so how do people in Africa hang on for this long without using toilets?


A walking safari in tropical Africa is an experience that has its fair share thrills, fun and I-didn't-expect-this moments! No matter how much information you have read or got from your tour operator - an African walking safari has to be walked to be believed.

About the toilets - if we may, but not before this: You need to drink enough water to keep yourself well hydrated through out the walking safari. You will sweat some of the water out - but you can also expect that you will frequently need to use the toilet. Now which toilet?

You are in nature and what is needed is the etiquette. And here is a guideline:

1) Alert your safari guide that you want to make a brief toilet stop. He will scan the area to give the all important safety OK and he will also keep the rest of the group within a respectable distance from you.

2) Move away from the hiking trail, any source of water, or sites that you can clearly see which are used for picnics etc.

3) Whatever you do, if need be cover it up with grass, twigs or rocks and nature will take over the decomposition.

4) Leave no footprints - so don't leave behind any plastics, bottles or materials that can not decompose.

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