Can an IT student join a college trip to Africa?


My college organizes annual trips to Africa which are open only to students taking field sciences. I am doing IT and would love to go to Africa. Joining the college trip would be great for me because of the very good price to the student. Does it mean a college student on the IT line has nothing to learn from a trip to Africa.


Any college student would definitely have something to learn from an African trip . Whether you are in IT, engineering or arts an African trip will stretch your imagination, expose you to new cultures and a way of life not to mention the wildlife animals, birds and great scenery that you will experience on the trip.

It is commendable that your college have the African trip in its extra-curriculum activities. What you should do is to let your desire to go on an African trip be known by the relevant authorities in your your college.

Consider that your college may not always articulate the students needs and as a student you have a duty to your college to help in making it better than you found it. This could be in expanding educational trips from being department specific to being open to all students.

On prices your college have a very good opportunities to get better bargains on student airfares and accommodation because of group purchasing power. It is to you best advantage if you could therefore persuade your college to run an open student trip to Africa regardless of one's subject choices.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris