Can overseas students travel in Kenya national parks for free? My college is planning an ecology trip to Kenya with 5 nights in Masai Mara and 2 nights in Lake Nakuru. We are looking for a way of getting a waiver on the park fees. The students group is now at 15 and we are hoping to get 5 more. Is it possible to get a park fees completed waived?


Organized school groups traveling to Kenya can apply for a reduction (group tours discount) to the park warden for their proposed school tour to Kenya. But due to the fact that this facility has in the past been abused you should be prepared for a lot of red tape because the park management will want to be full satisfied that you are a genuine school group and not ordinary tourists seeking a budget tour.

Liaise with the student travel agency that is outfitting your school tour to Kenya and they should provide you with the procedure of application of the students park fees discount. It is very important that you get a confirmation on if the discounts have been approved with your final price quotation from your student travel agency.

Any oversight or assumption that the discounts have been given can mean that you school group will be denied entry at the park gate or they may be required to top up the difference of the un-paid park fees before entry.

Hope the above helps.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris