We are looking for a cheap hiking vacation in Kenya. We are willing and ready to do most of the camp duties, take only 2 meals a day and will not make fuss over luxury on safari. We will bring our camping tents in our backpacks, so we don't need the biggest vehicle for safari.

We hope we are not too low on spending money for safari but how far can we go on US$ 600 per person for 2 weeks? We want to spend most of the time hiking in Masai Mara, Samburu, Amboseli or Tsavo.

We are also willing to join as camp staff for other travelers.


Hello Lucas,

No harm in trying to get a budget safari in Kenya as long as your interests are well accommodated.

From your query, it is not clear if you have already chosen your Kenya tour operator - this is important as there are some tour operators who specialist in budget camping safaris and they may have scheduled departures at the time you'd want too travel.

A catch on your safari budget. Be careful that budget prices quoted will at least be inclusive of accommodation, meals and park fees. Otherwise you might commit to a "seemingly"low price which will end up being high if a lot of tour essentials are excluded.

Good luck.

by: Ken

Try this for a budget backpacking safari in Kenya. It worked with me but you are on your own. Hang around the main tourist watering holes in Nairobi and make inquiries with the overland truck drivers on if they can take you in. Chances are they will at a very, very discounted Kenya safari price. The down side of this is it can take 2,3,5 days to get your lucky driver. So do you have the time? Where will you be staying as you wait? How much will the waiting cost you?

I tried the above when I was 22 years with 4 months roaming in East Africa and with buddies of similar age. Looking back there was no saving!!

by: Lydia Mal

There is no harm in trying to get a cheap hiking safari in Kenya but with US$ 600 for a 2 weeks safari in Kenya, you are most likely to get this with overland safaris rather than lodge-to-lodge safari. Of course there are some down side to the overland in that you will spend most of your time doing just that, over landing and not a hiking adventure.

Also with overland safaris the route is fixed so it may not include Masai Mara, Samburu, Amboseli and Tsavo for the wildlife viewing as well as for hiking.

A hiking adventure that keeps on your feet hiking is most likely going to be in the range of + $ 2000, with variations depending on lodges and tented camps, safari vehicles, quality of guides and the Kenya safari parks covered in the itinerary.