We understand park fees are part of the costs for college tours to Africa. Is there a way we can avoid paying the park fees so as to make our safari cheap? Is it true that a local tour operator can make us "pass" like local college students and therefore avoid paying the entrance fees.


Any tour operator for college tours to Africa, advising you that there are ways of avoiding by the park entrance fees is not being truthful with you.

Just face it: the management of national parks charge a fee to visitors for maintaining the parks, employing wardens, for research work, for community projects and other behind-the-scenes jobs all geared to making your (as the visitor) experience in the national parks enjoyable.

While local residents enjoy discounted park entrance fee, visitors (non-residents) have a fixed tariff which can only be waived at the discretion of the park authorities not at that of the tour operators.

You could via your local safari operator apply to the park authorities for of college students rates - but you need to supply an official letter from the college with detailed info on the students, their college cards etc.

Consider if you'd fall for the trick of "getting discounted rates" but not through the formal / official way of the park management - in the event that the park wardens get on you during their routine inspection in the park - you will on the spot, be required to pay the difference in park fees.

There are other ways of getting a cheap college safari to Africa, without trying to twist the law.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris