An African safari camp is charging +US$ 500 per person night. Looking at the camp images on the internet, they look just about the same with a alternative tented safari camp priced at under US$ 170 per night. Travel reviews for both camp are very positive with only difference that the +$500 includes drinks.

What will we loose if we book in the cheaper safari camp?


Choosing safari tented camps in Masai Mara is becoming tricky because the choices are wider and fortunately the level of quality is raising so visitors are getting real value for their money.

So what differentiates one safari tented camp in Masai Mara to the others? Within a certain range it would be a mistake to give a blanket condemnation and say that these camps are inferior to the US$500, as the only difference might be in the number of tents they have but not in tent facilities,decor, meals and service.

But note the discussion changes if you are comparing a US$45 p.p. night basic camp with the US$ 170 and stretching it to US$500 - you completely loose the picture.

Location matters a lot on choosing safari tented camps in Masai Mara. Do confirm the location of your US$500 safari camp and if it is in a conservancy, like I suspect it could be, find how far it is from the Mara reserve and if your stay in the camp includes day trip to the reserve where you'd definitely get more game.

If you are going for a specialized safari e.g. bird watching or wildlife photographer, you may need a personal safari guide and a vehicle exclusively to you so that you can spend long hours in the park. Find out if the camps allow own guides and vehicle and any extra fees charged to bring own.

Comb the travel reviews and if they are positive for the US$170 camp, do the right thing and book it. But if money is not a problem, why rule out the US$500 safari tend camp?

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris