We are going for a walking safari in east Africa in August which we have been told is a dry month. Should we therefore bother with heavy waterproof hiking boots or can light boots do.

We are limiting the amount of luggage we bring on safari and honestly don't see the need of carrying two sets of hiking boots.

I went on safari in Kenya in '08, though it was not a hiking vacation, finding myself with a idle afternoon, I decided to take a game viewing walk in Masai Mara. No harm in this except that I was wearing walking sandals - well the weather was dry and I was comfortable in the sandals. That is until I stepped on an acacia thorn, which got a very easy entry on my heels which we exposed. My tip, don't just look for a waterproof hiking boot, get one that can at least withstand the acacia thorns which are generously spread throughout most walking safari trails in Kenya.


The weather pattern in East Africa (like the rest of the world) is now so unpredictable that the so said dry months when you are coming for your walking safari might for all you know be very wet.

Since walking is the main theme of your safari, you should be fully prepared with appropriate hiking boots. Cutting down on luggage and then finding you are inappropriately kitted out during the walking safari is too great a compromise. Consider should it indeed rain and you don't have your pair of comfortable waterproof hiking boots, you may not hop into an outdoor shop and get a new pair walking boots when you are in the far-off corners of East African bush, so best to bring your waterproof walking boots. If you decide to carry only one pair of walking boots, take the waterproof boot and then bring a lighter sneaker for wearing in the evening after the safaris.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris