I'm about to sign in for a group bird watching holiday to Kenya but I'm developing cold feet because the operator is not clear on size of the group and also the minimum number required for the bird watching holiday to take off. The price is very attractive compared with that given by other operators ($2100 for 2 weeks). A non-refundable deposit of $500 is needed to hold space, how should I go about this group holiday?


The issue of the right price to pay for a bird watching holiday to Kenya is really open-ended as different bird watching operators will charge depending on the birding value in the tours which often found in quality of their guides, accommodation used, group sizes, vehicle used and other add ons that differentiate on operator from the other/s.

True, everyone would be happy with a cheap tour but and this is a big but, when the difference is below the market range, is there a hidden catch? Beware that some hidden catches, like the quality of the bird watching guide are only noticeable in the field and what is the price you are will to pay or not pay for a good birding guide in Kenya.

Take your birding tour operator to task with your concerns about his safari price and the sizes of the group, chances are he will give you and answer that will justify the low price or that will make you consider alternatives.

Making independent inquiries about the operator or contacting past clients who have been on his birding tours can be a good starting point of knowing "where his low prices are coming from". Of course you should do all this before putting down the deposit.

Hope I have been of help.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris