Who is responsible?


Our local hiking club is planning a hiking safari to Africa and we will book direct with local African operator. To whom should members sign a liability release form, is it the club or with the African hiking operator?


One of the main advantages of booking a hiking club walking safari is that you will enjoy a big discount on price because of numbers.

On the issue of liability release, members should sign off the the club if the tour is sanctioned by the club (i.e. it is a publicized event in the club calender.) But if the tour is an "own-arrangement" by certain club members then they don't have to sign a liability release with the club.

The other level of liability release will have to be with the African hiking safari operator. Each member of the hiking club must sign for himself and for other parties on whose behalf he will be making the booking.

The African hiking safari operator should send the release form with the invoice.

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Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris