I know it is a contradiction to want a luxury African safari and to to squeeze in that we want it cheap and affordable. Truth is we don't want to sleep on the floor of a safari tent or be in noise places with paper thin walls that you can hear what your neighbors are saying. Is there a way of getting affordable but luxury African safari (ok within limits)? We are settling for Kenya because we understand we might do better deals there with Southern Africa Safaris.


Hello Brett,

No harm in wanting an affordable African luxury safari and being honest enough to say that you don't want to raid the bank to get the safari you dream of.

What you need is to prioritize your needs and realistically match them with your Kenya safari budget. You don't have to sleep on the floor of a safari tent, but to sleep in that top luxury camp will mean you dig deeper in your pocket.

What can give you a bargaining edge on the African luxury safaris is how many people are traveling with you - here you are thinking of economies of scale. The more and if on room share, the cheaper and if you are just alone, safari camps will levy the single room supplements.

Number of nights you stay in one luxury safari camps. if taking 3-4 nights, you can bargain for very nice discounts.

You may also consider using Africa luxury safari camps that are from one operator, in which you bargain for route discounts.

Finally the period of your safari. Taking your African luxury safari on the low season months (April & may), can give very good rates. Should you travel in the peak of summer or Christmas period, chances of getting an affordable Kenya luxury safari are minimal.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris