Is Kenya a mass tourism safari destination? We are planning our East Africa eco-safari with a limited budget but we want to avoid the crowds.


The question of if Kenya is a mass tourism safari destination is one that is best answered on site by site basis. There are some sites in Kenya which seem to draw more travelers than others but that alone is not a justifiable reason to black list them as mass tourism sites. For example Masai Mara by its fame is the top selling Kenya tourism destination, with a big percentage of tourists coming to Kenya spending minimum 2 nights in Mara.

But you can be in Masai Mara or other popular sites and still get a way of being away from the masses. Staying in small tented camps instead of mass market hotels can mean that you are in your own "isolated corner" of Masai Mara. This advise will do well for the other main parks.

What if you are are an eco-traveler on budget? You could decided to travel off the peak season as prices are much lower. You may also choice to stay in off the mass market private conservancies which surprisingly are very attractive in prices.

Discussing with your eco-safari operator about which options are available so as to beat the mass tourism trap and at the same time work within your safari budget is certainly the way to go in planning your Kenyan safari.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris