The rules of of our upcoming student educational safari to Africa, state that the chaperons (2 teachers) will enforce a curfew on evening entertainment. The strange part is we are supposed to be in our rooms by 11pm and breaking the rule means one can be barred from enlisting in school international tours. Is the curfew rule fair?


School trips to Africa should be educational and also fun. But the fun part has to be seen in the context of what is acceptable to the school and the type of fun that does not expose the students to unnecessary risks.

If your African trip is fully organized by your school, then the chaperons (teachers) will lay the law of behavior but this will possibly be from the established school policy on international travel.

Why do the students need a curfew? It is important that the teachers know where the students are at any one time and leaving the "fun" time open-ended can mean that some students may not even be at the designated accommodation places at night. That your teachers say you should be in your rooms at 11 p.m. - this looks rather generous and for the welfare of the whole group, you should accept.

in an organized group tour - more so a student tour calls for a lot of giving in so as to create a conducive atmosphere were every one can have fun.

Worry and anxiety is one big way of killing fun in a group and this is why your eachers/chaperons are particular that you are in your rooms at the stated time. Help every one in your group to have fun - keep yourself within the curfew rules otherwise you face the consequences.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris