Which nationalities book?


If I book a per-seat Kenya package safari do I have have a choice on the nationalities of other tourists who will be in the safari bus?


The whole concept of budget safaris in Kenya mean that you must make hard choices on some personal preference that you must do away with. In the per window seat package safaris the only guarantee you have is the window seat (and confirm from your safari option of choosing the nationalities of the the other tourists.

Exception to this rule is when the safari is consolidated by an African safaris wholesaler from e.g. US, Canada, Spain or Norway (extend this list to any country) then you are likely to get nationalities from the particular country traveling in the same safari bus.

But if you book via a Kenya based budget safari operator, they sell their seats to tourists of all nationalities. Why not look at the bright side that the more diverse the group of people you will travel the richer your Kenya safari will be.

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Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris