Can I hitch hike?


I am planning to hitch hike on an wildlife safari in Kenya. I understand the public transport system in Kenya (Matatus) can take me to the main gates of Masai Mara, Samburu, Tsavo and Amboseli. Can I then hike lifts from the tourists vans at the park gates?


When planning for your wildlife safari in Kenya, you need to plan very well for your transport mode within Kenya otherwise you might a lot of time moving from safari sites within your itinerary.

While the Matatus can take you to the main gates of some (not all) national parks, note that they don't work on a fixed schedule, it is on a system of the-vehicle-is-full-let's-leave.

From the main gates to either the safari camp or the public campsite you are booked into - you will need to make your own private arrangements as the safari minibuses or 4wd Land cruisers are for "private" for the time they are on safari with clients.

There is a general assumption to most safari travelers that anyone who plans to do safaris in Kenya can and should make all ground arrangements for his tour. With this, don't expect other travelers who have already paid for the safari vehicle to willingly take in a hitch-hiker.

Getting to the park gate may be the easier and cheaper part of your African adventure but you might need to pay a hefty fees to hire a vehicle to drive you into the park as the choices are limited and sorry to say at that point you will be desperate for "any-car" that can take you in.

All things considered you are better off arranging for your transport within Kenya before embarking on your safari.

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