I am excited with my upcoming women-only vacation to Africa. But the tour outfitter is limiting us to 2 bags maximum 15 kgs while the airline gives me an allowance of 2 bags 46 kgs. I feel secure if I have a lot of clothes during my travels - and going to Africa makes me want to carry to my maximum allowance as given by the airline. Why does the women-travel agency give the luggage limitation?


Outfitters of African safaris give a luggage limitation because of restricted space in the safari vehicles. So while the airline has a much higher luggage allowance for safaris is often less.

For your up coming women-only vacation to Africa, you can go around the luggage limitation by packing what you absolutely need for the safari rather than with the fear that Africa needs over-packing stuff.

Start with your clothes - make sure you have light trousers (not jeans), about 3-4 could do. Choose colors which will not easily show dust. Then put in light shirts, some long sleeved shirts and a light jacket.

Have some blight clothes for the evenings - throwing a colored scarf on your jacket gives a touch to your evening wear.

Don't forget your walking boots if you are going on a walking safari. A safari hat is an absolute essential to keep you safe from the sun.

Take comfort in that most safari camps offer laundry service and you can therefore have your clothes washed while on safari.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris