Hello Anne,

I love your website and your answers on your help line. Hoping you can get me through on this. We are a group of 9 and are looking for a discount group travel safari to Kenya. All replies to our inquiries have one problem that we are 3 people too many for comfortable use of a safari Land Cruiser. If we use 2 vehicles we effectively are loosing out on the group discount but we don't want to leave behind some of our group members.


Hello Stefan,

Group travel to Kenya has price advantages because of shared overheads, mainly transport and hotel tariffs. At the early stages of researching and planning for your safari, one thing you must be watchful of is unrealistic answers from some safari operators. It is better to know where you stand rather than booking into a seemingly good safari deal that later turns out to be unworkable.

You say your inquiries have been coming back that 9 just exceeds the maximum for 1 safari vehicle, take that as truth and consider it as a sign of good faith from the safari operators.

But how do you keep your group intact, travel in comfort and still enjoy group discounts?

You could use 2 safari minibuses which are much cheaper than the Land Cruisers. Don't get discouraged by the argument that the safari minibuses don't measure up in Kenya safaris- as long as the vehicle is mechanically sound and safari routes are not in the biblical floods, I've seen the minibuses perform quite well on safaris.

With 2 safari minibuses, you will all have enough space and everyone will be comfortable on your travel to Kenya.

Let me just wrap it up: The quality of your Kenyan safari is not just decided on the vehicle used, it is dependent on the itinerary taken, lodges used, experience of the safari guides and activities that are included to break the monotony of vehicle game drives.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris