We booked and paid for 7 nights private safari in two luxury camps in Laikipia Kenya at + $380 per person / safari night which we thought included of transport to and from Nairobi. At the time of booking the African tour operator here in N. America did not give us a separate transport note but he has now sent us a bill of US$ 1800 for domestic charter flights in Kenya to the camps. This is way above our budget for the Kenya private safari and we feel out right conned as had the information on flight costs been given prior to booking we certainly would have considered an alternative safari. What should we do now?


No doubt going on a Kenya private safari in luxury camps is an experience worth spending money on within the limits of one's budget.

But when booking a private safari and indeed any type of African safari, one has to be extra careful to ask and read all tour inclusives before committing with a deposit or a full payment. If your African tour operator in N. America failed to disclose to you at the time of booking that flights are not included, then you can pin him down on it but only if you can show that at no time did he send you info to show flights were not included.

However if this info was somehow "hidden" in the small print of your communication it is unfortunate but you have the camps but no way of getting there.

In planning private luxury safaris in Kenya, you have to do your research on which African tour operator to deal with. Reputable operators will give full disclosure of the included and often tailor safaris to suit your budget.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris