We are planning a private walking safari in Africa for 2 people. We want to be in remote locations. The prices we are receiving from walking safari operators are very high but we are told this is because of location. Does the location affect the price of a private walking safari?


Location greatly influences the itinerary of African walking safaris and consequently the prices that outfitters change for the safaris.

Areas that are easily accessible will be cheaper priced than the remote places where by the logistics of transporting the clients plus the walking safaris support staff is tricky.

Consider also that remote places may not have facilities to buy food and other tour supplies on day-to-day basis and just about every tour essential has to be purchased at tour start. The more you move out of the towns that are within the main tourism circuit the more unreliable sourcing of supplies get and also the choice becomes limited. all this adds to the cost of the walking safari.

To the above note that private walking safaris cost more than group walking tours because of the overheads that are only shared by 2. A way of bringing down the price of the walking tour is by asking the safari operator to open up the tour to 2 more walkers to make it a small group departure.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris