How many teachers should accompany a college group on adventure trip to Africa? We want to cut down costs and since our students are 16- 18 years old, we figure 1 (one) teacher can handle the group of 11 students through out the trip. Would we be making a mistake by not taking a second teacher?


Regardless of the ages of the students who will be on the proposed trip to Africa, there is an acknowledged safety rule that a minimum 2 teachers must accompany the students on out of school trips.

The reasons for this is based on the fact that during the trip the student will still be under the custody of the college and it is the responsibility of the college to see to it that the student are safe, in the right place at the right time and they all get back home as per schedule.

In theory 1 teacher could handle a group of 11 students but you need to think of the worst case scenario, whereby one teacher can't participate fully in the trip. E.g. he could get sick or recalled back home because of family emergency. The students trip to Africa would still have to be completed but this would be rather difficult if there was only 1 teacher.

Even though the student travel agency that is outfitting the African trip is in charge of the trip's day-to-day schedule, the teachers have a lot of work to monitor the students and in a foreign country things can be quite overwhelming for one person, so a 2nd teacher is needed.

It is too risky to take a students international trip with only one teacher and the students parents would mind paying a bit more for the trip, so as to guarantee that their children are well looked after.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris