Who assigns roommates on a college educational safari? Is it the college or the students travel agency? Can one choose their roommate for themselves?


For a successful college educational tour to Africa, your college and the students travel agency must liaise to see that the logistical details of the tour are well attended to.

While some things like purchase of tickets for students international flights to Africa, appointing the ground agent to run the tour are done by the international student agency, matters that are strictly student oriented are best left to the college as it is the one that knows the students.

Pairing up of students for accommodation is a decision that the college - the teacher who will be accompanying the students to Africa will make.

Other than the educational benefit that the students will get from the African trip, having fun is also an important aspect of the school tour and I am sure your college/teachers would not want to hinder the students having fun of course within limits. With this your teachers may let you decide on your room mates respecting the same-gender-per-room rule.

The teacher has the final say on choosing roommates in the educational trip and if for any reasons he found it necessary not to pair you up with your friend, he possibly has good reasons and for the cordial atmosphere during the students tour, do respect this.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris