I am in a group of students who will be traveling to Kenya on an educational safari. I know a lot about safaris camps in Kenya and I don't like the ones that the school is proposing - they justify this on that they want to give a good price. I have no problem paying for more expensive camp which is very close to the school's preferred safari camp and I would not in any way inconvenience the other students. The school has totally refused my suggestion. Should they dictate which safari camp a that students should stay in?


When a student chooses to travel in a school group safari to Africa (or any other destinations) he surrenders the right to make personal decisions on any part of the itinerary such as type of accommodation used, mode of transport, guides and national parks to visit.

Fortunately schools give the detailed information about the tour well in advance, so student and his parents (or approved guardians) have a chance to make an informed choice on if the school tour is suitable for their child.

On educational tours to Africa, the students must feel as part of a group and if they are allowed to pick their own accommodations as they see fit or can afford, then the co-ordination of the tour would be very difficult for the accompanying teachers who 24/7 are supposed to know where the students are.

True, the school may have chosen safari camps that may not meet your preferred standard but take it in good faith knowing that they considered students safety, access and safari camps whose price that most students could afford.

It is for your own good that the school is strict that you stay in the same safari camps as the other students.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris