I've received the packing list for my walking tour in Africa but an item that is not listed, and which is my favorite travel item, is the umbrella. Don't people use umbrellas in Africa or is it just in walking safaris that they are not recommended.


Operators of African safaris are more likely to send you a packing list that includes a rainproof jacket than an umbrella not because umbrellas are not used in Africa but because the rain jackets are more hardy.

The rain jacket is multi-functional in that it will not only keep you dry but it is a good wind-breaker a vital outdoor protection which unfortunately the umbrella does not provide.

On a walking safari you need to keep your balance especially if the ground is wet and skiddy. The best way of keeping balance is when your hands are free or if holding hiking poles but certainly not when using an umbrella.

Another advantage of the rain jacket on an African walking safari is it you can put your hands in the pockets to keep them warm, while with the umbrella your hands are completely exposed to rain and cold. Also note that you can put your day pack, which should at all times carry your travel essentials e.g. tickets, passport, credit cards and money, under your rain jacket to keep it dry.

While there would be no no harm in carrying a collapsible umbrella for your African safari, if you take into consideration that you will have limited luggage space, you are better off bringing with you African safari clothes and items that are absolutely necessary like a rain jacket.

People in Africa use umbrellas but on safaris your rainproof jacket with a hood, will take you much further than an umbrella.

We hope the above info will help you in planning your African walking safari and should the winds blow you to think about walking in Kenya, contact Ontdek for your walking safari. We have over 20 years experience in walking holidays in Kenya.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris