I am booked for a high school trip to Africa in summer and want to take an extension on my own after the trip. Upfront this is an own arrangement from my savings and I intend to change my flights and join friends on an overland safari in East Africa - this way I will be getting 2 very cheap safaris.

My problem is that the policy of the school is that the accompanying teacher stays in possession of all passports and plane tickets - so I don't even have the chance to change my ticket. Is this an acceptable procedure on high school trip to Africa?


When you make the decision to join a high school trip to East Africa, you and your parents (guardians) should, in all fairness be open with the school about your travel intentions post the school tour.

I doubt if the school would have any objection to your extending your stay in east Africa as long as the start date of your overland trip does not interfere with the school tour. The consent you need is from your parents/guardians who should then formally inform the school that you will be taking an extension.

The school has a legal obligation to you and your guardians to "bring you" back home after the students trip and the only way out, never mind that you have saved the money for the extension, is to lay out to your parents. Once you have their consent an they give the same to the school - there should be no major hindrance on your post school trip extension.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris