The students travel agency that is arranging our school tour to Africa insist on selling student travel insurance as part of school tour package. The problem is that their travel insurance package is way, way overpriced compared to the market. Should the school buy student insurance from another vendor?


It is important that your get an appropriate travel insurance for your students tour. If the student travel agency offers the insurance as part of the tour package, it could be that they includes service charge for processing the insurance and of course to cover his overheads.

However what you should realize is there is more to travel insurance than the purchase price - the importance of the liaising person (agency) should things go wrong and you need to effect the insurance cover is something you can't ignore. This is where your students travel agency comes in (as the liaising party) and allow them to make some profit out of it.

The option of shopping for the students travel insurance from other vendors is that your students agency who is booking your school tour to Africa - could very easily wash his hands off you in case you need him in crisis from far a way places.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris