Our campus is organizing an educational tour to Africa. With the economic crisis, we don't have enough students in senior school section to fill up the trip (we want to get minimum 20 students). Can we open up the tour to include junior school students ages 11-13 years. Is there any logistical problem with mixing up students of different ages.


Mixing of different ages in a students educational tour to Africa has been seen in the context of how wide a part the students ages are and the number of student in each age set.

There should be no problem if the lower age is 13 year while the upper is around 17-18 yaers and if the group is well split out between the senior school and junior school. This would mean that though they will be traveling in one group, each "school" have enough numbers to be independent allowing them to take different activities that that suit their age.

Other logistical issues that you should take care of on the educational tour is in accommodation. While still observing the same-gender-per-room rule, avoid pairing up students of senior school with those of junior school as this would make older students feel like they being used as chaperons of the younger students. It does not mean that they don't care for the younger students but they will want their space and to be with their friend with whom the click well.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris