We are debating if our school should take a teacher led tour to Africa, which is expensive, or settle for one led by a volunteer chaperon who want to foot all her tour costs including flights to Africa.


Students safety and well being should be top priority when deciding who will be the lead guide on a student's safari to Africa.

Students and their guardians need assurance from the school that the itinerary is carefully planned, ground operator vetted for reliability and all other tour related areas clearly looked into so as to have a successful students safari to Africa.

In all sense a student safari is an extension of the school curriculum and it is best led by a teacher / faculty member who will add eduactional value to the tour rather than by a chaperon who may not connect with the students on the academic front.

Besides the students should be lead by someone whose authority they respect and whom they know can set the limits of what is acceptable behavior during the trip.

While the teacher's costs are met by the students and therefore raising the cost of the tour - it would be a mistake to take on chaperon who may not perform the duties of leadership as the teacher would.

To wrap up - the school should inform the parents of the students going on safari, about the cost implications of a teacher led vs a chaperon lead safari and chances are the parents will feel safe with a teacher led safari despite the slightly higher cost.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris