We are planning a walking holiday in Kenya for Dec '10. Are there walking holidays we can take with our 3 children 11-15 years? They can handle 8 to 12 kms without a sweat.


Hello Linda,

Taking a family walking holiday in Kenya is a great way of adding value to your wildlife safari. If your children are used to walking vacations in other destinations, they should enjoy the walking holiday in Kenya especially if you plan the tour with the children as the pace setters. Some dos and donts of taking walking safaris with children in Africa:

1. Take a private-safari not group safari, this means that the guide focuses exclusively on your family and the walking distances can be adjusted to suit your children's needs.

2. Choose the Kenya tour operator with care and make sure you give as much info as possible on your family needs.

3. Plan to walk in the early morning hours when the sun is not too hot.

4. Often this is an area that gets overlooked but see to it that your children have the right hiking boots for the walking safari. Hats that give a good protection against sun are also a must, not forgetting applying an effect sun screen.

5. Make sure the children are drinking enough water on the walking safari as well as after the walk to avoid dehydration.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris