I've 2 days in Nairobi before starting my walking safari in Kenya. Is it safe to walk around in Nairobi?


The advantage of having 2 days in Nairobi before the start of your walking safari in Kenya is that you will have completely worn off jet lag.

Nairobi like any other city in the world has its can-go-zone and out-of-bound-zone. The area of what is known as CBD (Central Business District) is one in which you can venture around during the day for shopping, cafes etc.

However you need to exercise caution and be very alert about your surrounding. Avoid being in crowded places and make sure that your essentials e.g. passport, money, plane tickets, credit cards are well hidden in a money belt worn right over your body. It beats all security reason to use a money bag that clearly dangles from your waist.

The National museum is also in walkable distance from the city center and as long as you are walking on open side walks and within day time you don't have to be holed down in your hotel room in Nairobi. Consider that you can deposit most of your valuables in the hotel safe.

The location of your hotel in Nairobi will also determine where you can walk. If the hotel is in the suburbs, the distance to town center may be best covered by a taxi.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris