What is an African vintage safaris? We are interested in a 10 days vintage safari in Kenya but at + $8500 p.p. person we are wondering what is the difference from other types of safaris in Kenya?


The origin of Vintage safaris in Africa can be traced to the actual meaning of the word vintage: Something old or old fashioned but still has enduring quality and interest.

In the travel speak, Africa vintage safaris would seem to refer to travel that brings back memories of the African safari pioneers: antiques such as handcrafted artifacts, leather and cardboard trunks, fine china, hand traced maps throw in old binoculars and eye pieces that were the preferred optics of the safari pioneers.

But where does this fit in today's market phrase of "African Vintage safaris"? There are safari camps a that try to re-create the atmosphere of the early 20th century African safaris but they do this with all the modern luxury amenities of today's world: Safari tents that are as spacious as a hotel room, huge beds with fine linen, en suite bathrooms, not a wash basin, lighting either from solar or generators. To this sprinkle the replicas of the vintage items.

While a few years ago, there were only a handful of Africa safari camps a that fitted this description of "vintage", they are more or less becoming the default standard for safari camps in Africa.

On price, you have draw a line between a term that has now been stretched to near hype and the ground reality. Think more on the itinerary you want, then shop with-in your budget for quality safari camps and a Kenya safari operator who can meet your needs.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris