I want to book an African walking safari but on budget. I've researched that some of the most beautiful walking safaris are in private game ranches who are charging much more than the public parks like Masai Mara. Besides the fees, the ranches insist that I pay for their guides whom I anyway don't need on the walking safari as I prefer independent walking. Is this the way Kenya safari ranches operate?


When planning an African walking safari you have to make choices of how much money to spend and this will determine the ares you can visit. The private game conservancies charge a fees because they need the money to pay their safari guides, maintain road networks, construction and of electric fences to keep the wildlife animals within the conservancy, do social projects for the communities that live next to the conservancy etc. It is also worth noting that owners of the private game conservancies in Africa, are business people and sure they want a profit which they get from the entrance fees.

Even if you like independent walking holidays, you need to appreciate that private conservancies are very concerned about the safety of clients especially when you consider that most conservancies have wildlife and visitors on walking safaris need to be guided by someone who knows where the safe walking trails are and who understand animals behavior. Taking an experienced safari guide from the ranch is absolutely for your own safety and besides most of the guides have a wealth of experience which would in all ways make your walking safari much richer.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris