I am a wildlife biologist looking for a 2 weeks safari itinerary that has real wildlife conservation projects. My work does not allow me to take sabbatical leave, so I am trying to do some genuine conservation for Africa wildlife while I am on safari. Are there wildlife conservation trust, with multiple work locations, that take in biologist for short term wildlife conservation jobs? Do they subsidize the costs of the biologists stay?


While it is commendable that as a wildlife biologist you'd want to do some conservation work during your African safari - it helps to get to grip with the operations of most wildlife trust in Africa. For a start most conservation trust have a prescribed minimum time that visit wildlife biologists on work attachments can spend with the organization. It is doubtful if you can get attachment fro 2 weeks.

Wildlife conservation trust in Africa are more likely to take wildlife biologist who are seconded (proposed) by research bodies or universities that they collaborate with, rather than independent wildlife biologists. The reason for this is that there want a continuity on work being done (research) and also for staff training.

If you work for a wildlife conservation trust your terms of stay would have to be of a "worker" and not tourists. For this you would need appropriate work permits which would be hard to get for a 2 weeks period.

On if the conservation trust would pay you - most likely not, they may even require that you pay a minimum for accommodation and meals. They may also insists on getting some aid in cash or kind from the organization that would second you. This becomes more difficult to do if you are independent wildlife biologist traveling to Africa.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris