Should I eat fruits and vegetables?


The tour info from the women adventure travel company says we should not eat any vegetables and fruits in Kenya. Donít people in Kenya eat vegetables and fruits?


While you don't say the reason why the women adventure travel company that you are booking with is warning you about eating fruits and vegetables during your safari to Kenya, I feel it is safe to assume that his concern is health / hygiene related.

For a start Kenyan people eat a lot of vegetables and fruits which are mainly grown by small scale farmers. Kenya hotels and safari camps also offer a wide range of local fruits and vegetables either in raw form (salads), cooked by steaming, stir frying or in pastries.

Grant it that health can be a big concern when going on a Kenyan safari. It is fortunate that safari lodges and camps are aware of this concern and they try their very best to present food that is safe for consumption.

Food should be a big highlight of your Kenyan safari and it would be a lose if you didn't experience the great Kenyan kitchen.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris