Ontdek Kenya - leader of nature themed safaris in Kenya arranges African honeymoons for nature travelers who are seeking genuine nature safaris rather than being cooped up in the vehicle on the standard morning and afternoon game drive safari.

But with so many choices on the Internet of romantic vacations in Africa, we hear you asking, why should you trust a Kenya based safari operator with your honeymoon?

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Here are Ontdek’s qualifications:

Ontdek is owner operated by Peter and Anne Huysman. We are practicing naturalist guides and not office bound honeymoon travel booking agents. We bring +20 years of sharing our love and passion for walking, bird watching and responsible wildlife viewing with nature travelers from all corners of the world.

By choice, we restrict our operations in Kenya – meaning we thoroughly know our corner and we are not just in the business of sub-contracting honeymoon travel all over East Africa.

We will be candid with you as we give you honeymoon ideas that cut through the commercial hype and as much as we will respect your wishes, we possibly will say NO to some of them. Not because we want to put you down but because we want to add value to your African honeymoon.

We will also invite you to step out of the Kenya tourism hot spots and visit some of the smaller national parks and private game conservancies where you can do great walks, log in your birds and see wildlife close up in total absence of mass tourism.

Ontdek has built its name in African romantic vacations that mix guided walking safaris with vehicle game drives in the big parks. After an exhausting time with wedding arrangements, a honeymoon itinerary with opportunities to walk in the open savanna, the wind blowing on your face as you follow giraffes, gazelles and zebras is just what you need as you start a new life.

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We will consult with you mainly to give you a slowed down itinerary that has quality time for genuine immersion in the Kenyan nature.

Consider no matter how romantic African honeymoon travel looks or how flowing the words that describe it, if it's an all-rushed-whistle-stop-tour like in this example: Samburu -> Tree hotel ->> Nakuru ->>> Masai Mara ->>> Amboseli ->>> Tsavo ->>> the coast (with "->" being the level of fatigue), you will spend most of your day light hours in exhausting road transfers and you will surely need your pictures to recall which place was which!

But if you have a slowed down itinerary on your African honeymoon will you see all the game?

A good question, our answer vindicated by past clients is that you will see as much game as those on the rush but with a quality time and in a very relaxed way.

While we treat every honeymoon inquiry on a one-on-one basis our aim is to give you an itinerary that's a mix of activities rather than game drives all the time. Contact Peter and Anne for arranging your African honeymoon.