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The newest in Ontdek Kenya's range of activities is cycling. Peter, co-founder of Ontdek, has always been an outdoor enthousiast and when he was still living in Belgium one of his hobbies was cycling, so the step to organising cycling events was not big.

Because the good tarmac roads in Kenya are often too busy, we choose the roads with less traffic which are nearly always dirt roads. So a mountain bike is according to Peter the better option to do cycling in Kenya.

mountain bike,cycling,event,happening,kenya,africa

Currently we have 2 types of cycling challenges programmed:

- Mountain Bike Weekends for private parties

Let us know how many you are in your party, how many nights you want to spend in and around Nyeri and how many mountain bike rides you want to do and we'll arrange a full package for you.

Check this sample itinerary with distances and elevation details of a ride near Mweiga, Nyeri county. Note that we can make the ride as long and as short as you request. We know most of the dirt roads and low-traffic tarmac roads in the Nyeri area.

- A 13-day cycling holiday from Nairobi to Masai Mara

This tour passes between the Aberdare Range and Mt. Kenya, drops into the Rift Valley to finish off in Masai Mara where we go for game drives with our safari vehicle.

This cycling holiday goes over a mix of low-traffic tarmac roads and dirt roads.

Contact Ontdek Kenya Safaris, so that we can organise your cycling tours, 1 or 2-day events or weekends.

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