Welcome to Ontdek’s way of travel to Kenya: nature travel arranged and delivered by practicing naturalist guides, not by tour consultants.

We have a real passion for our job and a deep interest with and in our clients, who are nature enthusiasts – people who not only want to see the wildlife but appreciate, understand and are interested in the rich ecosystems that make Kenya tick.

Ontdek Kenya, travel leaders in guided nature safaris in Kenya

We restrict our operations to Kenya only – meaning we know Kenya intimately and we have gained our position as Kenya travel leaders by experience.

We don’t sell all kinds of safaris; our specialty is in walking holidays, bird watching tours and responsible wildlife safaris. Under these themes we also offer photo safaris and educational safaris.

As nature travel leaders, Ontdek is not driven by tourism fads and we are reluctant (with good reasons) to go all-praise by the new tag of “professional safari guide”, a tag for which clients pay extra on safaris.

nature travel in Kenya

At Ontdek – we don’t bill extra for the services of naturalist guides - as we consider quality guiding to be an inseparable part and indeed the core part of our clients' travel to Kenya. In a nutshell, guiding and well thought out itineraries are what have earned Ontdek a nature travel leader’s position.

Can you trust us to arrange your Kenyan safari? A valid question as you are going to spend a lot of money and not to mention the non-monetary items that you expect to be fulfilled in the safari.

Our answer: The number of years we have been in business counts for nothing if we did not have credible references from travelers who have been satisfied with our concept of nature travel leadership.

On refs – see our website and other online sources for Ontdek's reviews + if you need to directly contact a client who has traveled with us, we are happy to provide information.

Accommodation: Ontdek works with small properties (tented camps and exclusive lodges) in major national parks and private game conservancies. However, we are impartial and objective in the choice of accommodation as we don’t own or operate any camp.

We independently analyze the properties to see that they meet the level of service that is now expected on an Ontdek's safari and our booking decisions are guided by our client’s interest and not any vested interest in the properties.

Naturalist Julius at Crescent Island

As much as we respect our clients' wish list of things they want to see and do, we tell them the truth (as practical on the ground, not from a guidebook), mentioning the merits and negatives of each decision.

Yes, we might say no to some of your request but when you come to Kenya and see tourists cooped up in buses, rushing from park to park on hectic programs, you will appreciate our 'No', which is a mark of a true leader.

We invite you to consider choosing Ontdek as your tour leaders in Kenya. Contact Ontdek Kenya Safaris with your inquiry.