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Your student educational tours and safaris to Africa questions... answered.

high school students educational tours safaris kenya africa

Are you planning a high school, college or university students group tour to Africa? What safari-related questions would you want answered by an experienced student travel agency in Kenya. We have 14 years experience in educational travel in Kenya and we hope to give you objective answers that will add value to your school safari.

On this page you will also find questions that teachers, students, parents and school tour leaders have asked on planning school trips and our corresponding answer to each query. Your comment on either of them is always welcome.

We are ready to help. Just type in your question on the form below and soon, see our answer on this very page.


Other FAQs about school tours in Kenya

cheap college students tours to africa 
We understand park fees are part of the costs for college tours to Africa. Is there a way we can avoid paying the park fees so as to make our safari cheap?

low cost international college safaris to africa 
We want to arrange a low cost college safari to Africa on our own ( without a local Africa students safaris operator in Kenya). So far we have negotiated

best duration for a college trip to africa 
We are planning our college inaugural trip to Africa. How many days should a good trip take? We want to balance quality and price, what should we consider

teacher led or volunteer chaperon students tour to africa 
We are debating if our school should take a teacher led tour to Africa , which is expensive , or settle for one led by a volunteer chaperon who want to

volunteering as a chaperon for schools tours to Africa 
I would like to volunteer as a chaperon for a students educational tour to Africa. Are there any special qualification that one should have? Where can

is there a need for a curfew on students educational safari to Africa  
The rules of of our upcoming student educational safari to Africa , state that the chaperons ( 2 teachers ) will enforce a curfew on evening entertainment.

students ages for educational tours to africa 
Our campus is organizing an educational tour to Africa. With the economic crisis , we don't have enough students in senior school section to fill up the

is parents consent needed for college student's educational safaris ? 
If a student has saved enough money to book a educational safari to Africa , can the college allow the student to book the tour without his parents consent?

safari camps during the educational trip to kenya 
I am in a group of students who will be traveling to Kenya on an educational safari. I know a lot about safaris camps in Kenya and I don't like the ones

should the teacher keep a student's passport during a high school tour to east africa ? 
I am booked for a high school trip to Africa in summer and want to take an extension on my own after the trip. Upfront this is an own arrangement from

ratio of teachers to students on college adventure safari to africa 
How many teachers should accompany a college group on adventure trip to Africa? We want to cut down costs and since our students are 16- 18 years old,we

applying for a visa for students tours to africa 
Should my college , which is arranging our students tour to Africa, apply for our visas or it is the individual students who should make the application?

roommate on college educational safari to africa 
Who assigns roommates on a college educational safari? Is it the college or the students travel agency? Can one choose their roommate for themselves?

college tour package to africa for parents and their teen students  
Are there college travel agencies that arrange packages for parents and teen students to travel together to Africa?

are there college tours to africa without international flights 
Why do providers of college travel package to Africa insist on selling airfare as part of the package? We would want to take advantage of very cheap airfares

Can an IT student join a college trip to africa. 
My college organizes annual trips to Africa which are open only to students taking field sciences. I am doing IT and would love to go to Africa . Joining

Is it safe for teens to travel to Africa alone. 
I am teen attracted to the idea of traveling unaccompanied to Africa. At 17 years I've already toured several US states on minimal budget, and with the

Can a student with partial disabilty go on an educational travel to africa? 
I have partial disability on my left arm which doesn't hinder me from doing all my chores , personal grooming etc. I am planning to join our schools educational

student volunteer abroad programs in africa 
I am looking for an easy to join student volunteer program abroad and my first choice is anywhere in Africa. While I don't have a skill yet as I've just

best months for students vacations to africa 
What is the best time for students vacations to Africa? We are hoping to use the minimum budget possible which months have the best vacation prices.

low cost kenya travel for high school students 
How can a high school student travel on a Kenyan safari on a tight budget.

high school students volunteering in community program in Kenya. 
Are there programs for high school students wanting to do community work in Kenya? Do such programs include students trips to Masai Mara. We have 3 weeks

paying for college summer educational tour to africa  
Our college is arranging an educational tour to Africa in summer 11. They want the students to already commit with a deposit for the tour which is a

student travel insurance to Africa  
The students travel agency that is arranging our school tour to Africa insist on selling student travel insurance as part of school tour package. The problem

Looking for a student tours program to Africa for solo student. 
My school does not have a students tours program to Africa. As a lone student do you have open school tours that I can join at a budget price? I want to

contact of local safari operator for students traveling to East Africa 
I am the teacher who will be traveling with a group of 18 students ages 15-17 years to East Africa. Should I get the name of the local safari operator

Saving costs for summer school tour to Kenya 
We want to cut accommodation costs of our school tour to Masai Mara Kenya in summer 11. Is there a Kenyan secondary school in Masai Mara reserve that

Travel sponsorships for students to Africa 
Are there students sponsorships for travel to Africa? If we could raise our airfares can we work for our accommodation in the lodges in the parks.

Are there free students travel programs in Kenya. 
I want to take a 2 years break for study and travel abroad program. I am interested in East or South Africa. Does Kenya offer free students travel programs?

Is our school reaping us off for a 10 days educational trip to Kenya? 
Our school is organizing a 10 days educational trip to Kenya in Dec. While the itinerary is very nice, the tour price at US$ 2100 is very expensive compared

High school tour in Kenya- is 7 days enough? 
We have 7 days for our high school tour in Kenya and we want to visit Amboseli, Tsavo, Samburu , Nakuru and Masai Mara national parks. Is 7 days enough

Can international students travel to Kenya for free? 
Can overseas students travel in Kenya national parks for free? My college is planning an ecology trip to Kenya with 5 nights in Masai Mara and 2 nights