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FAQ about African Walking Safaris

Join a African walking safaris forum in which your safaris will be candidly answered. Bring on your questions, Ontdek Kenya safaris have 14 years experience on the walking trails in Kenya and it would be a pleasure to help you get ready with your African walking safari.


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are there toilets on walking safari routes? 
Our walking safari itinerary has about 5 hrs of hiking daily - which is too long a time to stay without using toilets. The itinerary is in areas with game

walking safaris led by an overseas tour guide  
We are interested in booking a walking safari in Africa but have noted that the tour guide/leader will be traveling with us from USA and we guess we will

hiking clubs africa walking safaris who is responsible 
Our local hiking club is planning a hiking safari to Africa and we will book direct with local African operator. To whom should members sign a liability

Best time for walking safari in Kenya 
I want to take a walking safari in Kenya - which is the best walking season. I can only take my vacation in April , a months which is the rainy period

kenya wildlife safari can I hitch hike 
I am planning to hitch hike on an wildlife safari in Kenya. I understand the public transport system in Kenya ( Matatus) can take me to the main gates

are hiking / trekking poles necessary on a walking safari in africa  
Should I bring a hiking stick /pole for the walking safari in Africa?

how fit should I be for a walking vacation in africa? 
I am not an athlete but I want to book a walking vacation to Africa as opposed to a vehicle safari. What level of fitness should I have to do the walks?

should I carry an umbrella for my walking tour in africa 
I've received the packing list for my walking tour in Africa but an item that is not listed , and which is my favorite travel item, is the umbrella. Don't

how can i avoid ticks and biting insects on walking safaris in africa 
I am afraid of getting bites from ticks and other insects on my walking safari in Africa in summer. How can i avoid ticks?

why do private ranches in africa charge for walking safaris in  
I want to book an African walking safari but on budget. I've researched that some of the most beautiful walking safaris are in private game ranches who

private walking safari in africa  
We are planning a private walking safari in Africa for 2 people. We want to be in remote locations. The prices we are receiving from walking safari operators

prices of african walking safaris during xmass and new year 
Why is there such a big difference in African walking safari prices during xmass and new year holidays with the rest of the year? I can only take my vacation

africa walking safari and photography tour. 
We are planning a walking safari to Africa but wondering if our photo equipment will be a bother during the walking safari. Should we bring our heavy tele

how many hours for a kenya walking safari 
We are reading the small prints of our walking safari in Kenya and shocked to see that most walks are about 1-2 hrs long , which to us is a very short

can we book a walking safari without accomodation 
I want to cut down the costs of a 8 days walking safari in Kenya. Can I book the walking safari itinerary but not the tented camps that the walking safari

which is the best group size for a walking safari in kenya. 
We want to book a walking safari in Kenya. What is the ideal group size for a walking safari?

walking safari in nairobi kenya 
I've 2 days in Nairobi before starting my walking safari in Kenya. Is it safe to walk around in Nairobi?

Walking holiday in Kenya with children 
We are planning a walking holiday in Kenya for Dec '10. Are there walking holidays we can take with our 3 children 11-15 years? They can handle 8 to 12

Do I need waterproof hiking boots for the walking safari in East Africa?  
We are going for a walking safari in east Africa in August which we have been told is a dry month. Should we therefore bother with heavy waterproof hiking

Cheap backpacking hiking vacation in Kenya 
We are looking for a cheap hiking vacation in Kenya. We are willing and ready to do most of the camp duties, take only 2 meals a day and will not make

Will I carry my rucksack on the Kenya walking holiday? 
How much luggage is allowed on the walking trip and will I have to shoulder my backpacks or can I leave some in the vehicles. If leaving in the vehicle

Best clothes for African Walking Safari 
I would want to know what clothing items and hiking boots would need to bring for the walking safari. What type of food would i need to bring. Is drinking

Can you do a walking safari in Masai Mara? 
We (father and son) are planning our safari to Kenya for Oct 11. We have so far researched a lot (and still not through). Initial thoughts are that we

Walking vacation in africa - can we walk from tree hotel in aberdares kenya 
We are booked a group safari on an offer price ( a very big mistake) with 1 night stay at a Treehotel in the Aberdares . Further reading on the tree hotel,