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Planning your women adventure travel to Kenya? What safari-related questions would you want answered by a Kenyan woman tour operator with 14 years hands on experience in nature safaris ? Get objective answers that will add value to your women adventure travel.

Traveling solo and you want to women group ? This is the right forum to link up with small groups of women traveling to Kenya on active safaris.

We are ready to help. Just type in your women travel question on the form below and soon, see our answer on this very page.


Other FAQs about African Wildlife Safaris

packing clothes lightly for women vacation to africa 
I am excited with my upcoming women-only vacation to Africa. But the tour outfitter is limiting us to 2 bags maximum 15 kgs while the airline gives me …

planning a mother, daughter and grand daughter safari to africa 
I am planning a 3 generations women only safari to Africa, for me ( the mother at 71 years), my daughter ( 44 years)and my grand daughter ( 27 years). …

which gifts to carry for the guides on women tour to kenya  
I like taking gifts for tour guides during my travels. What is the appropriate gifts to give to the Kenyan guides/drivers during a women-only tour in summer? …

best clothes to wear on an women adventure safari to africa 
Which are the most suitable women safari clothes to wear for a women on an adventure safari to Africa? Our itinerary includes visiting a primary school, …

what is the minimum age for going on a women only vacation to Africa 
I am 22 years and want to join my auntie ( godmother, 63 years) for a women only vacation to Africa. What is the minimum age for such tours? I so much …

women hiking tour in Africa can I book with my husband 
I’ve seen a very nice women hiking tour in East Africa but I want to book with my husband – do women travel companies allow this?

why are more women going on active vacations to africa?  
Why are more women going on active vacations to Africa? I would want to join a women-only safari to Africa but I am overweight ( shame to admit) and I …

women-only overseas adventures to africa 
Why are women-only overseas adventures to Africa more expensive than mixed group adventure tours?

Single woman joining a women-only travel group on safari 
I’m a single woman , wanting to book a women-only travel group safari in East Africa. I've learnt that 5 of my fellow women travelers are all from one …

Women adventure travel should I eat fruits and vegetables  
The tour info from the women adventure travel company says we should not eat any vegetables and fruits in Kenya. Don’t people in Kenya eat vegetables and …

Using pit laterines on African Safaris  
It is the first time I will be traveling to Africa and I am scared of using pit latrines. Are there tips on how to use the pit toilets.

Safari to East Africa at 4 months pregnant 
Is it safe for a 4 months pregnant woman to travel on safari to East Africa?

are there women hiking tours in Kenya and visits to weaving sites. 
I travel for hiking and weaving. Do you have a women only tour that has good hiking ( at least 4 hours /day) and have visits to local weaving cottage set-ups. …

Group size for women traveling together on safari to Kenya 
As a 63 years solo woman, I know I left it too late to travel to Africa but I must do so by ‘11 or it will be never. I’ve identified about 5 women travel …

can I volunteer with a community during the women adventure safari 
I would love to volunteer with a community group during the women adventure safari. Is it possible? Where will I be staying during the volunteering days? …