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Frequently asked questions about Kenya

Frequently asked questions about birding bird watching in Kenya

Frequently asked questions about walking hiking in Kenya

Frequently asked questions about game wildlife safaris tours in Kenya

Frequently asked questions about women-only travel single women women only travel in Kenya

Frequently asked questions about family travel,family safaris,tours in Kenya

Frequently asked questions about educational school tours in Kenya

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Find the answers to the frequently asked questions about African safaris in the categories below.

Join Ontdek Kenya Safaris' FAQ forum by adding a question (which we will reply soonest) or reply to a question already asked. And if you have recently been on holiday in Kenya, we invite you to post your Kenya safari review and show off your best safari pictures.


FAQ by category

- Walking Holidays in Kenya

Virtually walk the ground by having your walking safari questions answered by people with 14 years experience on walking holidays in Kenya. From the best safari camps, guides and walking boots... Log into our "African Walking Safaris Forum".

- Bird Watching in Kenya

It's the fine details that matter in planning a bird watching holiday to Kenya so ask Ontdek, a Kenyan bird watching holidays outfitter, your queries on where to find endemic and rare species, get good guides and figure out the birding logistics in Kenya... Join the "Bird Watching Help Line".

- Wildlife Safaris in Africa

Which clothes do I need on a safari, when is the wildebeest migration going on, which parks are a must see... Bring on your African safari questions and find the answers in our "Kenya Safari Help Line"

- Women Adventure Tours in Kenya

Planning your women adventure travel to Kenya? What safari-related questions would you want answered by a Kenyan woman tour operator with 14 years hands on experience in nature safaris. Get objective answers that will add value to your women adventure travel.

- Family Tours in Kenya

We from Ontdek Kenya Safaris have traveled extensively in the country with our '97 born daughter Farzana and '99 born son Ifenya. We visited remote places with them, even when they were very small, so we understand better than anyone else the need of slowed down itineraries and the limitations you have when traveling with small children.

- Student Educational Travel in Kenya

Your questions about student educational travel to Africa... answered.
On this page you will find questions that others have asked on planning school trips and our corresponding answer to each query. Your comment on either of them is always welcome.