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Can you do a walking safari in Masai Mara?


We (father and son) are planning our safari to Kenya for Oct 11. We have so far researched a lot (and still not through). Initial thoughts are that we want to obviously see all the big game but as a carry over of our hiking vacations in N.Africa we will also want to include walking safaris. Many websites say we can walk in Masai Mara, which sounds exciting but does this mean walking close to lions, leopards or cheetahs? We plan to come back home in one piece.

by: Ole Nenko

To start with Masai Mara as used in the Kenya safari term is a very large area, which starts from Narok to the border with Tanzania. Taking a hiking safari in Maasai Mara does not mean you will be hiking in the official Masai Mara reserve - hope this is not confusing.

Now spread out in the wider Mara are many camps and community ranches in which you will find local Masai morans who know the ins and outs of the area and they can guide you hiking.

Expect to pay a conservancy fees as well as guiding fees, which goes into very helpful community work such as provision of water, health facilities, schools and of course food.


Hello Armstrong,

Walking in Masai Mara will no doubt be as much a thrill as your North African walks, because the game seen during the walks is a big bonus to the outdoors.

But how do you go about so as to go back home in satisfied with your Masai Mara walking holiday? The answer is in planning:

1. You should not walk in the main Masai Mara reserve where lions, cheetahs, leopards roam free. Walking is not allowed by the park authorities and your Kenya walking holidays operator should adhere to the rules.

2. The community ranches that are outside the park offer the best opportunity for game viewing walks. You walk in the places that the Masai graze their livestock or in case of private conservancies the areas are newly created wildlife corridors.

3. Have knowledgeable local guides who are familiar with the lay of the land and also good in spotting any wildlife seen during the walking safari in Masai Mara.

4. As always, a responsible behavior while in nature, will make your walking safari enjoyable and much safer. For example don't ever "push" your guides to doing illogical things like going too close to the wildlife.

We hope the above will help you in planning your walking tour, should you need further consultation on walking holidays in Kenya contact Ontdek Kenya Safaris.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris

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