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Group size for women traveling together on safari to Kenya


As a 63 years solo woman, I know I left it too late to travel to Africa but I must do so by ‘11 or it will be never. I’ve identified about 5 women travel companies that I will definitely short list further to “the one”.

However the one with the best safari prices for summer ’11 is giving a small print note that though the tour is for women only, in case of low numbers, they can turn the group to a co-ed tour or add a supplement (no figure given) to keep the tour women-only. They need a deposit of US$500 but with a minimum group size is 14, my gut tells me that this is a very high number and they might end up using the small print. Which way should I go.


The commendable part of your women group travel question is that you are reading the small print because if there is a catch it is always in the small print. My take as an operator of women adventure tours in Kenya is you have every right to ask the shortlisted women group travel operators all the tour-related questions before you commit with a safari deposit (which with most travel companies is non-refundable).

Let me start with the minimum number respect that every travel company have a right and often a reason of fixing the min number. Usually (but not always) the higher the number the better the price. Looking at a min of 14 which looks high are they giving the upper upper limit? If the group is very big, it may not be very cordial to travel in and you may be better off paying slightly more to be in small group of women traveling together to Africa.

May suggest that you ask the operator at which point (numbers) they will start taking co-ed bookings? Their statement is too vague and you need to know if the tour is co-ed or not.

Finally why not do an independent search for reviews about the company. You will most likely get opinion of women who have traveled with the particular company and you can make an independent and hopefully an informed decision.

I hope I have been of help.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris

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