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Looking for a nature conservacy job in Kenya


What is the chance and procedure of getting a nature conservancy job in Kenya? I understand there are many new private or community wildlife conservancies coming up and I would not mind working just on free board (no pay) for at least 6 months. 2 years ago I did similar placement in a nature conservancy in Costa Rica and I now want to gain experience working in Kenya. Any ideas will help. P.S. I'm 25 years, male with a BS Zoology, very comfortable with manual work and don't expect luxury during my stay at the nature conservancy.


Hello Rubin,

You are certainly making a good career decision in trying to get as much exposure and experience in the field work in nature conservancies.

Though you don't say when you intend to take up the job in the nature conservancy, it would help if you gave your self enough time to apply and with due diligence evaluate any offers you may get. It is not just a question of getting a conservancy that can keep you free on board, the bigger issue for your career growth is "does the nature conservancy job" give you enough opportunity to learn as much as you can about the African wildlife, working with communities, the environment and also legal and administrative issues in and around the nature conservancy.

Though your first priority seems to be in a conservancy that can take you for free, be open minded that some (or many) work attachments at nature conservancies might actually expect you to pay!!

Work it out to the fine details of what is expected of you on while on the job at the nature conservancy.

Do your research well and no harm in letting any potential employer (doesn't sound like the right word) know what you can offer in exchange. May be computer skills, accounting, website design or any offer that can make it look a win-win situation. Good luck.

Anne Huysman
Ontdek Kenya Safaris

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