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Bird watching holidays in Lake Nakuru Kenya
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We entered the Lake Nakuru National Park at around 1 p.m. with urgent need to get to the Out of Africa picnic site. Here I am giving out my secret; this is a less crowded picnic spot, with perfect view and so far the baboons donít seem to know about it Ė may the moment last.

Hunger aside we stopped briefly, and bird watchers "brief". can be very elastic, at a water hole to watch a couple of Blacksmith Plovers fight off 2 Grey Crowned Cranes which were going too close to what we nailed down to be the Plovers' nest.

Grey Crowned Cranes Lake Nakuru Kenya birding tours

Free shows must be rare in Egyptian Goose world as a mother goose protectively nudged her 4 chicks closer to watch the fight, but quickly pulling a curious chick away from the battle zone.

The parental instinct of the Egyptian Goose rubbed on us and triggered us to drive off and to the picnic to feed our kids.

What a view from the picnic site in Lake Nakuru, not a single vehicle on the lake shore and surrounding grasslands, being that hour that most visitors rest in the park hotels on belief that there is not much to see since it is too hot and animals rest under shade to wake up prompt for the late afternoon game drive.

Oh, we would loose the thread of White Storks if we get into safari myths and facts. But our experience in our family travels, as well our client's safaris, is to stretch to the maximum limit the time we spend in the parks and what rare sightings have we seen in the dead heat of the afternoon!

Drinking White Stork birdwatching vacations in Kenya

From the picnic spot we drove down south through a forest of camphor and acacias which cleared out to open grasslands dotted with yellow fever trees. And bang, it is all white with black wing edges. Roosting... Flying... Fighting... Drinking... Here are the White Storks in their thousands basking in the African sun thousands of kilometers away from the freezing European winter.

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