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Way before the terms ecotourism became selling tags for safaris, Ontdek Kenya, the leader of truly nature themed safaris in Kenya, was out there in the field showing nature travelers that there is a different and a better way of traveling in Kenya. A way that is kinder to the environment and to the communities that are the custodians of the natural resources and is profitable to the business owner.

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Eco friendly travel in Kenya

At our foundation in í96 we went the ecotourism way because on personal levels it is our style of living and 14 years down the line, we are still designing and delivering eco friendly tours. This simple belief has kept us on the narrow path of genuine eco-safaris: that if we wouldn't book it for
ourselves - we don't sell it. We would be
delighted if you considered taking your
eco-safari in Kenya with us.

Eco tours on Crescent Island, Kenya

See our ecotourism approach.

We offer a specialized but limited menu concentrating on slowed-down guided walking holidays, bird watching tours and responsible wildlife safaris. Within these themes we offer photo safaris, family and educational tours in Kenya.

Kindly review our itineraries below, which have been carefully researched, tested and fine tuned by feedback from eco travelers for over 13 years. Our tours cater for wider interests than just wildlife viewing and the tours are guided by a specialized naturalist guide who stays with the clients throughout the safari. This quick test has helped many eco travelers in deciding if Ontdek connects with their ecotourism principles. Kindly do a run to see if we make a fit for your eco-safari in Kenya.

7 Days Eco-Safari in Kenya's Rift Valley

A quality eco safari with lots of game and bird walks in areas that are not visited by mass tourism. With minimal road transfers, this is a tour that gives you maximum time in the field.

You start by visiting the prehistoric archeological site of Kariandusi, where stone tools are on display. The dormant Menengai Crater is the starting point of this Kenya hiking adventure that shows a variety of landscapes found in the Rift Valley. Lake Nakuru is colored pink with thousands of flamingos and Lake Naivasha has a huge population of hippos. This eco safari has hikes in the savannas in Hellís Gate, Crater Lake and Crescent Island that are all home to plains game such as baboons, giraffes, elands, zebras, various gazelles and warthogs.

See detailed itinerary.

11 Days Eco friendly safari in Baringo, Naivasha and Masai Mara

We organize safaris with the ecotourism approach for nature travelers who want to see Kenya in a non-touristic way. Guided walks, hot springs, thousands of flamingos, unique Njemps' culture, over 400 birds species plus of course wildlife viewing are the hallmark of this ecotour to Kenya.

This tour has 3 days in the Baringo/Bogoria area and 3 days in the Naivasha area. Masai Mara takes the last 3 days of the eco tour. A walk guided by Masai Morans makes this a perfect ecotour in all senses.

See detailed itinerary.

11 Days Eco travel in Kenya's Rift Valley and Masai Mara

Ecotourism in Kenya | Woodland Kingfisher

Join Ontdekís 11 day eco travel in Kenya - it will slow you down giving you time to explore selected areas rather than being on whistle stop itineraries traversing the whole country. You have walking safaris in the Crater Lake and Crescent Island sanctuaries, Hellís Gate National Park with sightings of Giraffes, Waterbucks, Elands, Zebras and various Gazelles.

You will visit Lake Nakuru but from the safe hideaway of the Sunbird Lodge on the shore of the scenic Lake Elementaita.

Masai Mara, the Africa that everyone dreams of, takes the last 3 days of this eco travel with Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Topis and Hippos all calling for your attention.

See detailed itinerary.

Eco friendly safari in Sweetwaters, Samburu Game Reserve and the Sangare Ranch

Enjoy an ecotour that visits the Aberdares / Mt.Kenya region, Laikipia and Samburu. This is a tour that will slow you down in some of the best and exclusive wildlife viewing areas. The habitat is different in each and accommodation is in luxury tented camps that are well appointed to allow continuous wildlife viewing opportunities.

See detailed itinerary.

Ecotourism in Kenya - hiking in the Crater Lake game sanctuary.