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Masai Mara safaris are without doubt the main Kenya tourism brand. Repeat clients and 1st time safari goers all agree that Masai Mara is a not-to-be-skipped destination. It remains an all time favorite, though at peak holiday times the white minibuses seem to compete for space with the wildlife, Masai Mara commands a top place as Africa’s finest wildlife park.

Masai Mara reserve,Kenya safaris: Cheetah

Masai Mara game reserve was gazetted in 1961, it is part of the Serengeti Ecosystem and indeed it shares a border with Serengeti. The animals have no respect for the border and they cris-cross the two parks at will. Certainly this accounts for the huge numbers of animals and the wide dispersal areas naturally favor the survival of the game as there is always a “corner” that a game can hide whether from threat from man or territorial threat with another species.

Life in Masai Mara is supported by the Mara River whose water catchment areas are in the upper Rift Valley. This is the river that thousands of wildebeests cross from Serengeti to Mara each year from July through Oct, giving the world’s most dramatic movement of any one species. To see the wildebeest migration during your Masai Mara safari is to stand back in awe of nature, the choreography, and the survival of the fittest and the thought that this has been going on for centuries and will go on for ever NOT unless man messes up with the environment.

Away from the Mara River, the park is composed of rolling grasslands, wide-open savanna, scattered bushes and scenic hills. The land is filled with game every which way you look: the elephants, buffaloes, various types of gazelles, warthogs and zebras. Predators are in plenty: the lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas and jackals. Most of the predators are territorial but with enough space to wander around.

With the wildebeest migration in Masai Mara it is much easier to spot the predators as they just follow the trail of the migrating game as naturally the weak, injured or the young ones will drop down with fatigue. But however feeble, none goes down without a fight – even when it is obvious it will loose out, after all what chance is there that a mere wildebeest’s calf can wrestle itself from the jaws of a lion!! Yes, this is the way nature meant it to be, but when you are on safari in Masai Mara and you watch such a kill it has a sweet & sad feeling especially, when you see the mother wildebeest desperate knowing – it is final!

Also of great interest in Masai Mara safari are the hippos and crocodiles, these you will find both in the Mara and Talek River. It is possible to see hippos when they have come out to graze normally late in the afternoon when it is cooler or early in the morning as they return to the river.

On a bird watching safari in Masai Mara you are likely to log in some of the 450 species of birds recorded. This is much contributed by the diverse habitat of the park.

For walking vacations in Masai Mara note that these can’t be done within the reserve but there is ample opportunity in the ranches that border the Mara game reserve.

A photo safari in Masai Mara has a wide range of photo subjects ranging from wildlife, birds scenery to of course people.

Masai Mara safaris can be taken either in the Mara Triangle in Transmara District and the Sekenani/Talek side which is the east side managed by the Narok County Council. The Sekenani/Talek side is more popular mainly because it has a lot of game & is much closer from Nairobi and it has more accommodation facility. The down side is that it is more crowded. The Mara Triangle is best accessed by air safaris to cut down the road transfer time.

What’s the best time to go for a Kenya safari holiday in Masai Mara? Except during the rainy seasons (mid March-through April and mid Oct through Nov), when the roads to Masai Mara can be inaccessible, you can enjoy excellent wildlife viewing on a Masai Mara safari throughout the year.

Ontdek Kenya takes you to Masai Mara either on walking holiday, photography vacations, bird watching holidays and of course responsible African wildlife safaris. Please review our sample tours to Masai Mara and consider we can tailor-make a Masai Mara safari to suit your needs.

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