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Welcome to Ontdek's responsible tourism in Kenya information page. Since our foundation in ’96 we have been committed to running our eco tours with the best ethics to the communities we work with and to protecting the environment of the areas we operate in.

What has made the implementation of our responsible tourism in Kenya concept easy is that we are not in it just for our "business ego or a ranking", it is a personal choice & the way we lead our lives which we naturally found easy to carry into our Kenya tourism business.

Responsible tourism in Kenya.

All too often there is the temptation to let words speak louder than actions and Ontdek Kenya’s strong conviction is that responsible & sustainable tourism has to positively change people. From where we are in Kenya – education to youth in local communities and job opportunities in the tourism industry are the only ways of making ecotourism in Kenya to be self-sustainable. This is how we enhance responsible travel in Kenya:

1) We run small group safaris that have minimal impact on the areas we visit. Our specialties are walking safaris and bird watching tours – these two activities mean that we work deep with local communities who we treat with respect and not in a patronizing way.

2) We employ Kenyan safari guides, some who out of financial reasons dropped out of the formal school system but due to their keen interest in nature they self-trained themselves to become competent naturalists. We are highly commended by our guests because of the quality of our Kenya guides and especially the wide field knowledge that they have.

3) Responsible travel is about appreciation that travel in Kenya goes beyond wildlife viewing. On our itineraries we include visits to places that are out of the main wildlife circuit where our guests can experience rural Kenya and thereby re-distribute tourism earnings to local communities.

4) Within the parks we show respect to how we treat wildlife. Behaviors that traumatize game such as driving too close or disturbing a kill are no-no in Ontdek’s safaris.

responsible tourism in Kenya

5) Responsible tourism in Kenya is also about letting our clients know how effects of bad environmental management pose a big threat to the Kenyan people and also to the wildlife of which we are just custodians. But we are quick to commend situations where communities have made a turn-around in rehabilitating areas that were degraded and indeed we support community based organizations in their environmental projects.

6) At Ontdek we run our ecotours contrary to the current tourism trend that one has to visit all parks in Kenya so as to have a proper safari. We will slow you down by selecting & combining parks that are in close circuit, meaning you will be more rested and ultimately you will have a quality wildlife viewing time. This is what we mean by ecotourism in Kenya that is a win-win to the clients, the environment, the communities & the business owner.

We invite you to review the tours menu above and we look forward to consulting with you and enable you to experience our concept of responsible tourism in Kenya. Contact us.

Responsible travel in Kenya