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Vogels in de tuin

Is bird species identification easy? Depends on who is doing it (a veteran or a novice), where they are doing it (a bird on a backyard feeder where vision is clear or one in a bush thicket) and the type of bird (some birds are straight giveaways while others are difficult to crack).

The skill of identifying bird species can be learned and now more than ever there are many platforms for learning. Even before stepping into the field one can study bird species identification from online birds pictures, field guides with clear pictures or bird illustrations and even TV documentaries. If going on a bird watching holiday, e.g. to Africa, going over online pictures of commonly found birds will give a head start in the field.

Wild birds Identification, Black-headed Oriole, bird watching tour operator Kenya

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Birds of Africa, Color picture, Golden-breasted Bunting, Kenya bird watching holidays How to identify Africa common birds species , Yellow-throated Sandgrouses, Kenya birding holidays African bird photography safari: Picture of Nubian Woodpecker,Kenya
Kenya common birds species identification by habitat , picture of Grey Crowned Crane Africa birds species identification, names and pictures, Speckled Mousebird, Kenya birding holidays Wild birds Identification, Black-headed Oriole, bird watching tour operator Kenya
birds of africa, color picture, juvenile lilac breasted roller

The 1st step in birds species identification is non-scientific and it is: Enjoy the bird watching. Then be keen on the items such as the size of the bird, its colors the legs, beak, eyes, etc - posture, habitat and activity. Reference this to your field guide and there is a good chance that you will nail the bird to its name.

Where there is difficulty in getting the specific name, if you just manage to fit the species in a family, this could do as a starting point and thereafter use the elimination methods derived from such parameters as the season and distribution pattern.

All pictures in this website are Peter Huysman, an avid bird watcher and also the owner & operator of Ontdek Kenya - the leading outfitter of bird watching holidays in Kenya since '96.

For a consultation on Kenya birding holiday, please contact Ontdek Kenya Safaris.

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