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African safari clothes and clothing, when done properly can give a nature traveler a great sense of comfort during his/her entire African vacation. You would think clothing is straight forward (and it should be, see the number of years you have done it) but going to Africa is another angle as you must go as though you are fully dressed, as there is possibly little chance of gathering a wardrobe along the way.

Does the right set up of safari clothing mean breaking the bank? If you are a nature traveler with years of travel under your belt, you might possibly need to dig into your travel wardrobe – to pick the right gear mainly based on the weather.

So do you follow or not, the marketers who say you must have sparkling new safari gear when going to Africa? Let your finances and sense of fashion guide your decision. But with over 20 years of operating nature safaris in Kenya, we have seen a lot of clients coming with proper safari clothing and some who messed up their safari by having the wrong ones.

Use these tips when packing for your African safari:

-> Your safari clothing should be practical, comfortable, light and breathable – so as to let out sweat. The best test on if clothing is comfortable is: don’t wear it off the shop rack, because however fitting a garment may feel on fitting in the shop, it can at times cause an irritation (maybe just a sticking out thread) and this is best discovered if you use and wash the garment at home before you set out for the African safari.

-> On colors – your African safari clothes should keep on the earth side, the browns, greens, off creams or khaki... always a winner. The yellows, pinks are a no-no. Reds – only Masai escape with using red in the bush! On whites dust and sweat will be visible from a mile.

-> Why do you need light clothing on safari? Mainly because space is limited, even if you are going on a private safari – the airline might still limit you to 23 kgs and anyway, do you want to tow a 50 kgs suitcase through the airport? Light safari clothes mean that you can do a quick hand wash in your bathroom sink. Note that hand wash powder is available in all shops throughout Kenya, no need to bring it from home.

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-> On the minimum your safari clothes list must have: base layer (inner layer), shirts, hats, walking boots, trousers and jackets. Click on the links to read more.

Ontdek Kenya has been organizing nature themed safaris since 1996. We are specialized in walking, bird watching and responsible wildlife viewing.

For a consultation for your safari and answers to queries on African safari clothes, contact us.


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